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Do you stay in Bangalore?

The Silicon Valley of India is more enthusiastic in fitness and sports than we could imagine. The number of groups involved in various fitness activities like running, cycling, rock climbing, and swimming are staggering compared to other cities of similar size. You wouldn't be surprised to see runners or cyclists in midnight on highways in and around Bangalore.

HSR Layout is one of the fastest growing commercial and residential localities in Bangalore. It witnessed three fold growth in past year in terms of number of businesses and residents, fitness market being no exception.

From the trends in past year, we noticed that traditional weight lifting gyms are decreasing in popularity, one of the reason being people getting smarter. The residents of the cities are realizing that their body is rarely exposed to explore the physical capabilities and movements it is actually designed for. HSR Layout is no exception. There are multiple crossfit and functional fitness centers opening up in the locality. However, most of the functional fitness centers are simply copying the crossfit model with or without their branding. We have covered the aspects of crossfit in this (link to crossfit gyms in Bangalore) article.

Our bodies are not meant to move weights on some weird machines. Instead of engineering the body to explore all movement patterns so that we become more physically capable, we are reverse engineering a good looking physique which can barely do things that our body is designed for.  Movement is what makes us better and more equipped beings. No doubt lifting weight has its benefits in terms of gaining muscle mass and increased metabolism, but many of the times it’s not done right resulting in disproportionate body, bad posture, poor mobility and frequent injuries.

At Chaos Faktory, we have designed the place with the focus to learn movement, get stronger, agile and efficient. Fitness is a result, rather than a goal. Our members are clearly more equipped than a hunk which can do nothing but move some weird looking machines in the gym. Here is a glimpse of the setup that we have and some of the movement patterns that we explored. We are located at HSR Layout, which is one of the fitness hubs in Bangalore with highest density of fitness centers. We have a record of up to 80% retention rate which clearly states that our members love what they do and most of them continue their training since we started out back in December 2017.

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